A-H-A Micro Peel (SET)


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2 x Collagen Sphere Vials + 2 x Micro Peel Ampoules

A dual-action home treatment that provides professional quality skin exfoliation with a 13% AHA and BHA cocktail while working to brighten, smooth, hydrate and protect the skin with Ascorbic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5.

Phase 2 product – should only be used after being on Kalahari for 3 weeks.


13% AHA / BHA
Panthenol B5
Ascorbic acid
Hyaluronic acid
Tocopherol Vitamin E
Sodium alginate


Improved collagen density
Increased dermal thickness
Unclogs blocked pores
Increased skin smoothness
Stimulates growth factors within the skin


Open AHA ampoule by pressing down the lid.
Open the Collagen Vial by pulling the arrow away from you.
Add Ampoule liquid into the Vial
Place nozzle onto vial and shake until the collagen sphere has dissolved.

Decant a small amount into palm of hand and apply liquid with fingertips onto a clean dry skin.
Apply up to 3 layers, leave to dry and leave on as an overnight treatment.
Should the skin feel overstimulated after 60-min, wash off and apply prescribed moisturiser.
Apply every evening or second evening depending on the skin’s tolerance.
Should skin become hypersensitive. Reduce use to every 4th evening.
Avoid upper eye lids as well as lip area.